Comments/Experiences from Learners

Colin talked about his experience on Guanyin Compassion Practice - speech at Harvard University in 2012.

When I first learned about the existence of Kwanyin (Guanyin) Compassion Practice I felt as though my whole spiritual life had been leading me to that point in time. I was raised as a Christian until I was a teenager. When I went to college I discovered Yogananda of India. His teachings opened my eyes to eastern thought.


As time progressed, however, I eventually settled into the habit of completely ignoring the spiritual aspect of my life. I was spending 6 days a week working on my business and very little else. Twenty-five years later I was introduced to KCP and began to learn about Kwanyin and the spiritual healing practice that she has brought to Earth.


It wasn't easy at the beginning—in fact, it was very difficult. I struggled to complete just one little house in a week—and I'm sure the quality was quite poor. Being able to hear about the success of other people using KCP was critical in my progress. In fact, two of my family members had life-changing healings directly as a result of using Kwanyin Compassion Practice. My wife, specifically, was healed of a life-threatening endocrine problem.


Wow! When I realized that this was truly possible I was so thankful that I was open enough to accept the practice. I admit that at the beginning I was simply doing the daily prayers and the LHs because I saw them work for other people. I was really just "hoping" that they would work for me one day. The idea that I could have a direct affect on my physical and mental health, personal relationships and business success was incredibly attractive. My belief in the benefits of a strong work ethic plus the idea that "you can only get out of something what you put into it" made KCP something that I wanted to learn and know more about.


Slowly, but surely, I have become more accurate and faster at reciting my daily meditations as well as my LHs. Once or twice I have even completed 2 LHs in one day.


Last year we decided to sell everything we owned in California and move to Mexico. In order to do that I needed to sell my 30 year old business as well as our home and the property where the business was located. We turned to Kwanyin Bodhisattva to help us accomplish these goals. I quickly added the Wish-fulfilling mantras to my daily prayers in order to help us clear the pathway for three successful sales. Incredibly, all three closed in the very same week. It was a beautiful example of being helped on Earth by the spiritual healing practice of Kwanyin Bodhisattva.


Earlier in the year my mother had passed after a long illness. At this time we had not yet learned about the Kwanyin Practice; however, we began to recite prayers for her as soon as we understood that we could help her experience a smooth transition. On the 50th day after her death she appeared in a dream to me—waving good-by with a big smile on her face. I could hardly believe it! My dreams were never this vivid before! After she was cremated we buried her ashes on a beautiful mountainside in California.


Part of my personal growth has been an incredible leap in the level of compassion that I have——compassion for other people, for animals, for pretty much everything that I experience. My attitude had always been that my first responsibility was to take of myself and that should be enough. I figured that if everyone focused on being moral and happy themselves the world would be a better place. My transformation to a much more compassionate person is remarkable. I have learned that my compassion for other beings has always been there, I just never wanted to it.


After a year of practicing KCP I had a dream about an ER that requested 90 Little Houses. At first I was resentful that I had ALL this work to do which seemed to be connected with a "family" ER——not something that was directly related to my own karma. Eventually, I realized that doing this work was very important to help my family clear major karma from past lifetimes and create a smoother present and future.


I am so grateful for learning about the spiritual healing practice of Kwanyin Bodhisattva. It has blessed my family's, and my life, in a very short period of time. I look forward to helping Kwanyin Compassion Practice grow and flourish in the United States for many years to come.


Colin. Thank you!