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Guan Yin Tang Denmark

Located in the west of the Danish capital city Copenhagen, Guan Yin Tang DK (as 丹麦观音堂 in Chinese) was founded in the 24th January, 2016. 

Guan Yin Tang DK is a non-profit organization,  which was approved by the Danish Government, aiming at promoting the profound Buddhist teachings by Master Lu (Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door), traditional Chinese culture, as well as vegetarian food culture. Normally there are events every weekend in order to share the knowledge or experience within the field of practicing Buddhism. Everyone is welcome to join, free of charge. 

It is worth mentioning that there are two events of Free Vegetarian Buffet each year for promoting vegetarian cusines and meatless way of living, which is also in the gratitude to the values of lives in Buddhism. There are often happy guests with big smileys on their faces, as well as satisfation to our Free Vegetarian Buffets! Nevertheless, under the critical circumstance of Corona, any social gatherings is postponed. Further announcement will be posted in advance.

Furthermore, we are planning to teach Guanyin Compassion Practice, traditional Chinese culture, as well as Chinese languge to children, if the situation is allowed. Adults are also welcome.  

We open all the year around, if there is not any special circumstances. 

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