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Here is the general introduction of our events in Guan Yin Tang Denmark. There is no entrance fees for our events. Everything, including food, drinks and materials are for free distribution. Everyone is welcome; feel free to contact us, if you are insterested.



January 24th, 2016

Opening ceremony of Guan Yin Tang Denmark. Thanks to all the blessings from Buddhas and help from Buddhist friends, we finally settled down in the west of Copehagen, Denmark.


Chinese New Year Gathering 2017 in Copenhagen City Hall

Many Chinese visited Copehagen City Hall for celebrating the Chinese New Year. In this special occasion, Guan Yin Tang promoted Guan Yin Compasion Practice.



With the purpse of promoting Buddhism and traditional Chinese culture,  in 2019, we held a vegetarian sharing session in the heart of Copenhagen. There were various types of traditional Chinese vegetarian food, as well as musical performance. 


In 2017, a group of high school students came to visit in order to learn the traditional Chinese culture and practice Chinese language. 

It was such an insteresting trip for these young students. They had also enjoyed the delicious tradtional Chinese vegetarian food.


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