My name is Juefu Li. My story of being a Buddhist is somehow traumatic. There is never an easy way to discover the truth of living, the live and death, and the universe.


I came to Denmark for my further education in the late summer of 2010 with the purpose of trying to get away from my past and my depression so that I could get a new life.


Things did not go my way, my depression turned out to be even worse. The only things I could do were partying as much as I could, doing hash, abusing alcohol so that I could get my mind off depression. This mental illness was killing me that one of the consequences was failing all my exams. In fact, I could not read, not even a sentence! If there was a moment for me to be alone, I would scream, wail as if I was despaired. Moreover, miseries piled up on one another. Under the request of the hospital more than two times, I contacted my doctor in order to arrange a HPV-test for cervical cancer. However, I was surprised about the result after a week that the test indicated me of carrying HPV, which might lead to cervical cancer in December 2011.


I had already begun to practice mindfulness since September 2011. And I was told by my aunt that practicing the Guan-Yin-Citta method could heal sickness such as cancer. Being hopeless and despaired, I would do anything for avoiding this horrible sickness (including future necessary operation). And the most important thing was, for a student living on a budgeted life, the practice was free.


My daily habits and customs have altered greatly since then. I got up earlier and slept earlier everyday so that I had enough time for mindfulness practice. When I kept practicing, I could actually feel a kind of warm, comfortable energy that flew into my vessels and later flew through my whole body. Especially when I recite the Great Sutra and the Heart Sutra, the energy is so strong that I cannot explain it with words. A month later, I suddenly became a vegetarian. The only reason I can explain is the mindfulness practice gives me the great energy to get another cleaner and healthier living style. Furthermore, some day when I woke up, I realized that I opened my eyes with a smile on my face and was happy to practice mindfulness! My depression was somehow reduced a lot!


3 months later, I had a hunch that my cervical cancer was gone, I guess it was the message that I received from the Buddha when I was in the practice. Another 3 months later, I was happily informed that the cervical cancer disappeared! In the meantime, Master Lu was on his way to London for his first World Peace Award (Buddhism), so I went to see him with other Buddhists in Paris. I did not know him or neither did he (and he still does not know me or remember me), but when I first saw him just to express my gratitude to his teaching, he said to me: if you stop practicing, the cancer will come back. I was amazed by his extraordinary ability to see through the future and the past!


There has been a lot of amazing things happened to me since then and it is difficult for me to write them all down! Guanyin Citta Door practice has helped me achieved better health, both physical and mental; furthermore, my career has never been better! I strongly recommend anyone who is interested shall give it a try if you want a big change in your life!